Peak Performance

unnamed-7I am fortunate to have gotten the most fantastic education in exercise and strength training, which I have honed and refined with experience and instinct. In keeping with tradition, I in turn have given back and passed on what I have learned. I have coached exercise and strength training to everyone from grade school children to high school, college, and professional athletes, Olympic medalists, corporate executives, housewives, and retirees. I have helped them unlock the secrets of their bodies and minds to make them the best they can be, whether it is the best Little Leaguer, best college prospect or best recreational athlete. It would be my honor to help you achieve your peak performance.

My Story

I started lifting weights long before the Internet was invented.  There were no YouTube videos with hundreds of examples of how to perform exercises or showing what the lifts looked like.  There were no readily accessible articles on every imaginable nuance of technique, nutrition, and specialized equipment.  Instead, I had to figure things out from still pictures of Olympic lifters from the 1950s from the one book that was in the local bookstore and through trial and error (mostly error).  When I reached college age and was able to travel a bit, I went to different Ys and commercial gyms where serious lifters hung out and watched them train and picked their brains.  They were glad to help because they could tell I was serious and because that was the way things were done.  More experienced lifters passed down the lore and wisdom to the younger guys coming up.  I learned more as I entered powerlifting competitions and watched all the other lifters and listened to what they said.  I am now ready to pass what I have learned about training, programs, nutrition, technique, etc. to you to help you be the best you can be.

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