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I love speaking at colleges and schools and at corporate events. I connect with audiences and leave them with the right message.

Powerlifting Champion. Olympic Official. Motivational Speaker. Humanitarian.

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Rio Olympics 2016

I served as Team Leader for the Doping Control Chaperones, managing the chaperones who escort the athletes and explain to them their rights and responsibilities, and monitored the testing and results.

About Robert

In life, you don’t have to play the hand you are dealt. Instead, you can change the game. I did. And I know you can, too.

Engaging Speaker

Audiences have told me that I am funny, entertaining, informative, and inspirational. In Europe, they even like my slang. Available for schools, corporations and more.

World Record Yoke Carry: October 21, 2022

World Record 606 lbs. Yoke Carry at 164 lbs. bodyweight, 64 years old.

3.7 times bodyweight.

A Spartan Best Podcast of 2017: Interview with Robert Herbst

Spartan chose my podcast interview as one of their Best of 2017 for being a role model and inspiring people to be physically active. They were struck by my spirit and determination in coming back from an injury and my statement that if I was going to fail, I would fail on the platform, not sitting on the couch! Click on the video below to learn why Spartan considered my interview one of their best. You can view or listen to the original interview here.

World Record Yoke Carry: December 17, 2021

World Record 556 lbs. Yoke Carry at 165 lbs. bodyweight, 63 years old.

 Werewolf training under a full moon.

Strongman Training: November 20, 2021

506 lbs. Yoke Carry at 164.5 lbs. body weight at 63 years old.
3 times bodyweight at that age may be a world best.

Robert Herbst Blog

Get Robert’s take on the Rio Olympics, drug testing, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, overcoming adversity and a whole lot more!

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Please let me know if you have interest in my speaking at your event, have a question about powerlifting or my take on the Rio Olympics, or otherwise just want to reach out.

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